The Global Growth of Cancer

In 2010 the World Health Organisation reported that Cancer had become a global epidemic and the number one cause of death worldwide.

Estimated Number of New Cancer Cases by World Area; 2010* data


World-wide 23,032,300



*2010 data reveals this number increases between 9% – 14% p.a. depending upon the global location. As an example, China has a significantly higher percentage than America. Using 10% as an increase average, the number of confirmed new cancer cases will have reached a conservative 37,000,000 a year in 2014.


Cancer is now recognised around the world as a ‘developed nation disease’. The dramatic global growth of Cancer is attributable to a number of developed country factors such as diet, lifestyle, and environmental related changes that has increased the incidence of cancer all over the modern world.

46% of the world’s smokers live in China and India. A 2009 study revealed that Chinese men who smoke will live significantly shorter lives (they will die of cancer or heart disease at age 57 instead of their expected 72 years).

As Cancer rates increase in the startling transformation and modern urbanisation of countries like China and India, Cancer has become the most critical public health problem today.

In order to systematically curb the increasing death rate caused by cancer in these countries, Government’s must implement an immediate and urgent focus on cancer screening, detection, and monitoring, because… ‘early detection is the most effective way to survive cancer’.