About CST

The Best Way to Survive Cancer is Early Detection

Cancer Screen Technologies (CST) aims to save as many lives as possible through the early detection of cancer.
Our unique and clear competitive advantages are that we are now the only company in the world

  • A product that can detect almost ALL major cancers
  • A commercial IVD cancer test that can detect Lung and Nasopharynx cancers
  • A commercially available IVD cancer test that is predictive of the stage of a cancer

Our Value Proposition

Offer a safe, accurate, easy to use, non-invasive, fast, cheap, convenient, easily assessable, cancer test that can be purchased from any Hospital, Doctor, or Pharmacy.

Our Customers
Our customers are any person anywhere in the world who has a medical examination to determine or confirm the cause of illness or to screen for disease or medical soundness.

Market & Niche
The market is the In-Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) market. The World Health Organisation estimates this to be a US$100 Billion market by 2020.
Our Niche is the broad appeal of an accurate, easy to use, cheap cancer tests that will revolutionise cancer testing world wide.

CST is set to capitalise on an exciting market potential with the following unique assets:

  • Exclusive and Innovative products
  • Revolutionary and Disruptive Technology
  • Unique World-First Life Saving products
  • Non-Invasive very Affordable products
  • Exponential Growth and Scalability
  • Highly Qualified and Experienced Management
  • Brilliant, Innovative team of Scientists, Inventors, and Researchers